1. Name

Our Moon’s Church

2. Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation will be filed by the TechnoDruid in a timely manner.

3. Purpose

To provide emotional, spiritual, & intellectual guidance to those seeking a deeper network of roots.

To build Temples to Our Moon dedicated to fostering the growth & development of children and adults in need, ordaining & maintaining healthy marriages, and spreading nootropics to the peoples of the world(s). 

4. Declaration of Faith, Vision, Mission, Denomination, Creed, Doctrine, Discipline, & Specific Religious History


5. Form of Worship

Congregations of groves meet under each full moon.

6. Ecclesiastical Government Structure

Each Ordained Vibe of Our Moon’s Church is an equal member of Our Moon’s Church ecclesiastical government. Each Vibe may interpret the teachings of the moon in their own way. Each Vibe has an equal vote in all decisions.

7. Council of Vibes

The Council of Vibes meets under each new moon to discuss the future of Our Moon’s Church.

Current Vibes:
The TechnoDruid
The Cosmic Turtle

8. Management Powers & Responsibility

The TechnoDruid serves as president, treasurer, & pastor until these bylaws are amended to change these council positions.

9. Decision-Making Process

The Council of Vibes makes decisions at each New Moon.

10. Meetings Rules

Meetings are held using the most up to date edition of Robert’s Rules.

11. Ordained Vibes

Anyone may become an Ordained Vibe by approval of the existing Ordained Vibes.

12. Replacing Vibes

Ordained Vibes are appointed for life unless removed by vote at a Council of Vibes meeting. 

13. Ordained Druids

Any member may apply to become an Ordained Druid by Our Moon’s Church.

The Council of Vibes may, at their discretion, set requirements & further examine applicants in any way they see fit before the ordaining confirmation ceremony.

The ordaining confirmation ceremony is held at a grove congregation under the full moon, and this confers ordination upon the druid.

An ordained druid is added to a public list of ordained druids maintained by the Council of Vibes.

An ordained druid should at all times spread the positive vibes of Our Moon’s Church ecclesiastical government.

Any Ordained Vibe may, using their own sole discretion, ordain anyone as an ordained druid at any time. This process bypasses any other requirements, processes, & fees laid out in these bylaws for the process of ordination or membership, and confers both membership and ordination upon the individual ordained by the member of the ecclesiastical government in this way.

14. Membership Policy

Membership invitation to Our Moon’s Church is extended to anyone who wishes to apply.

The Council of Vibes approves these applications and may revoke membership at their own discretion.

Any member may revoke their own membership by notifying the Council of Vibes in a suitable & appropriate manner.

15. Temples to Our Moon

They should be shaped like geometric pyramids of some sort.

These facilities will be used to foster the growth & development of children and adults in need, ordain & maintain healthy marriages, and spread nootropics to the peoples of the world(s).

Member druids on their path towards and within ordination will find guidance at these temples.

Grove congregations should NOT be held at these temples except under extenuating circumstances.

16. Divination System

The 81 card Sylveon System, combining tarot, I ching, astrology, & more, is the official method of self-reflection & personal growth of Our Moon’s Church.

17. Lunasolar Calendar

Our Moon’s Church follows a lunasolar calendar that begins on the day of the Summer Solstice, has 3 seasons with 9 day weeks, and is punctuated by each full moon throughout the year.

18. Congregational Services

At the congregations of groves under each full moon, druids engage in emotional support, spiritual guidance, bonding activities, celebration, peer review, and similar festivities. These full moon ceremonies can also include the ordination of druids, weddings & handfastings, and consumption of nootropics as sacrament.

19. Holidays

The primary holiday of Our Moon’s Church is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

Every solstice, equinox, eclipse, & full moon is to be considered a holiday for members of Our Moon’s Church. 

20. Weddings & Handfastings

Ordained Druids of Our Moon’s Church may preside over and ordain weddings and handfastings as they see fit, ensuring they continue to help maintain the success of those healthy relationships to the best of their ability, be they monogamous, polyamorous, or some other arrangement, as permitted by local custom. Weddings & Handfastings should always occur as near the peak of the full moon as possible.

21. Sacramental Nootropic Policy

Any chemical compound a member of Our Moon’s Church finds to be beneficial to their brain, body, & life experience is considered to be a sacramental nootropic and should be used responsibly.

22. Financial Policies

66% of donation income & 34% of all other income shall be put in a savings account to be used for building Temples to Our Moon.

34% of donation income & 66% of all other income shall be put in Our Moon’s Church general funds.

These accounts shall be presided over by the Treasurer of the Council of Vibes.

23. Land & Property Ownership Policies

Land & other properties of Our Moon’s Church is to be used solely for congregations of groves and Temples to Our Moon. It may not be rented or used for profit or other purposes, unless this purpose brings significant income to Our Moon’s Church and is approved by the Ecclesiastical Government. The exception to this policy is the preparation, packaging, distribution, & sales of sacramental nootropics, which is always permitted to druids on Our Moon’s Church land using Our Moon’s Church property.

24. Donation Policy

Donors donating $20 or more may request a letter from Our Moon’s Church bearing the name of the church, the church EIN, whence applicable, the amount of the donation or a description thereof, and an original blessing-poem written by a member of Our Moon’s Church.

25. Records Retainment Policy

All important data and records should be kept forever in some form, whatever is best, by the Council of Vibes.

26. Dissolution Policy

Upon the dissolution of Our Moon’s Church, Team RAD shall assume all assets and no liability.

27. Amendment Policy

The Council of Vibes may amend this document however they see fit, publishing the current edition at https://our.moons.church/bylaws